Book Review of Endgame Sky Key

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BookReview of Endgame: Sky Key

SkyKey is the second book by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton in theNew York Times bestselling sequel, Endgame. This sequel is a trilogythat focuses on the lives of twelve teenagers. These teenagers areset on a quest after devastating events threatens the fate of theirfuture bloodlines and even the fate of the entire world. Theseteenagers have to locate the three keys that would halt this amagedonfrom occurring. Secondly, the book picks up from the first book wherethe first key, Earth Key, was obtained. This came at great cost sincethree players had been eliminated. In Sky Key, the contest resumeswith only nine of the teenagers remaining. The main characters arethree teenagers each with compelling stories on how they can win theSky Key. In Queens England, there is Aisling Kopp, who believes thatthe Endgame can be halted. In the Kingdom of Aksum, Ethiopia, Hilalibn Isla al-Salt recovers from a violent attack that left himdisfigured but not after knowing a vital secret that can help saveall of humanity (Frey, et al. 2015). In London, England, Sarah Alopyis the one who won the first but at a great cost. All these teensfocus on playing to win for there can only be one winner.

Thebook is highly captivating as it picks up from where it left off inthe first sequel. This creates a good flow as the reader quicklycatches up with the story. Sarah and another boy named Jago haveformed some form of partnership. Although Sarah still mourns herformer boyfriend that she was forced to kill in the final chapters ofthe first book, she has entered a physical relationship with thisJago. They continue to play the game in the hunt for the Sky Key.After the CIA approach Aisling at her home in Queens, she soonrealizes that world has begun to learn about the Endgame. A giantasteroid is set on a collision course with Earth and panic is spreadall over with humanity fearing for their existence (Frey, et al.2015). The twists and turns in the article were appropriatelyapplied. This creates a very captivating pace of events that leavesthe reader at a suspense wondering what would happen next.

Thebook is also fascinating as it paints a very vivid picture of theglobe as the contestants move from region to region in search of theSky Key. This scenario completely swallows up the reader, and onegets fully absorbed by the scene descriptions to the point they mightsee themselves in that particular place with the book characters. Thereader is moved from the Mountains of Ethiopia to the jungles of Peru(Frey, et al. 2015). These physical features are described with suchvivid clarity that the reader is left simply awed. The authors alsofocused on building up of the characters background until the readerfinds themselves fully relating to them. The way the book was set upleaves every reader clamoring for the third and final sequel to thebook.


Thebook is indeed highly captivating as the reader’s attention iscaptured from the very start. This page-turner builds up thecharacters in a way the first sequel failed to do. The backgroundstory of each player is written down completely until the reader getsto understand the thinking process of every player and the reasonsbehind every action they take. The action is well paced, and there isnot a single dull moment while reading the book. The suspense isincredible, and the reader would hardly want to set the book downeven for a second. Scenery description was vivid and very colorful.This made the reader get fully absorbed in all the events that tookplace in the entire book. This book is highly recommended, and itwould not disappoint.


Frey,James and Nils Johnson-Shelton. Endgame: Sky Key. HarperCollins,2015.

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