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BarbaraBarrington Jones


BarbaraBarrington Jones is a motivational speaker who has for 30 years laiddown the foundation for career advancement and development. With thisnoted, she breaks this into points relevant for this to happen.Generally, it takes 30 seconds to create an impression. Aspectswhich play a part in this are few but worth noting with the brain,physical body, social self and spiritual being the main ones. Oncethe brain is focused and balanced, the rest follow in tow. One isable to program he/herself into what they intend to achieve orbecome. He/she should be able to visualize, ask questions, lean in,nod the head and think in relation to everyday activity. The brainacts as the engine which pushes all necessary aspects ofcommunication.

Thephysical body once properly nourished and taken care of it is able towithstand the ravages of everyday living. One should eat right sleepwell and exercise regularly in order for the brain to work well andachieve optimum performance in all areas of activity. The social selfbrings out the outward appearance of one in relation to the outsideworld. We should learn to understand and live well in society bothphysically and intellectually which are the public relations part ofsuccess. Happiness is equal to service, with positive socialinteraction playing a major part.

Thespiritual aspect of success comes in different forms, with the mainpart being able to blend the brain, body and social self in relationto prayer, religion, belief and inspiration from God .Your attitudeto both God and man is essential. Appearance also counts. Careeradvancements are based on impression taken in in the shortest timepossible a rough estimate being 20 to 30 seconds as statedpreviously. One should also take their time to listen and not alwaystalk about themselves and their achievements.

Despitea troubled background, Barbara Barrington Jones instills in us thekey points of discipline, hard work and dedication with a rider being“You pass every test when you finally accept who you are”


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