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Automotive System Engineering 5



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AutomotiveSystem Engineering


a)Chassis system determines most of the basics of vehicle performanceand character. This includes ride not only luxury and noise levelsbut also handling, the quality of steering and road holding. It hasgiven the most operative means of identifying the character of thevehicle. The cumulative use of systems of electronic in chassisengineering can provide simple means of adjustment.

b)One of the important parts of a vehicle is the braking system. Thefailure of the braking system can hinder the safety of the users ofany vehicle hence need for care and maintenance.

Coolingthe braking system is one of the techniques used to enhance theefficiency of vehicles brakes. The various importance of cooling thebraking systems includes prevents the overheating of a disc.Overheating of the disc tends to result in reduced efficiency of thebraking system or its failure complete, hence minimized throughcooling.

Differentmethods are being used to cool the braking systems of Formula 1vehicle they include Aerodynamic cooling of the brake disc. Thistechnique is done by convection and is the core method of enhancingthe efficiency of the braking system. Brake air ducts usage isanother method of cooling the braking system. Brake air ducts allowdiscs to receive more cooling inflows.

c)Braking system has a disc that runs up to 1000 degrees centigrade butthey work better below 500 degrees centigrade. Part of the disk has astrip that indicates the when the brake system is overheated afterthe racing of the car. Overheating is controlled by the air ductwhose end dimension is carefully controlled so as to createadditional down force to the wheels hence increasing the stability ofthe car. The braking system must be controlled hydraulically by thedriver’s legs hence need for strength in his legs to help him applymore than 2000 pressure. Cars are restricted to one brake disk,aluminium and six cylinder colour parts containing normal and twobrake pads. High temperatures generate a heavy wear ride resulting toblack dust in wheels hence temperature management is quit critical.


a)Steering linkage height is one of the values to consider withaccuracy when setting up a steering wheel. Steering linkage heightneed to be the same on all sides of any given vehicle to avoid bumpersteer that is a handling condition, meaning that when the vehicle isalong a bumpy road, steering instability can arise due to toe changehence leading to unsafely to the user.

b)The components of aluminium are found mostly in the hydraulic system. Constituents are machined from extruded outlines with appropriatelydesigned cross-sections. For disk brake, the brake calliper that isthe point that keeps the brake pistons and pads is the most crucialaluminium application. The brake fluid often moves from the mastercylinder to the wheels via a series of hydraulic tubes andstrengthened rubber hoses. The rubber hoses are used in areas thatrequire elasticity example at the front wheels, which travels up anddown as well as steer.

c)Caster angle refers to the angle of steering the axis regarding thevertical line through the wheel. Caster angle helps in obtaining thedesired stability in a vehicle, enhances in projecting the vehicleload, improve the cornering and the steering wheel returns. Thecentre point of the steering wheel is obtained by the proper placingof the pivot points in a way that drawing a line through themintersects the road surface slightly ahead of the contact point ofthe wheel, providing a degree of self-cantering the steering. Thewheel casters around so as to trail behind the steering’s axishence making the car easier to drive.


  1. Helical gears are preferred for road vehicles because of the following advantages,

Strength,they can handle more load than spur gears because of the large geartooth that are positioned diagonally.

Non-parallelshaft, the gears can be used in transferring power within parallel.The helical gear also causes less noise in power transfer henceprimarily used in road vehicles.

Spurgears, on the other hand, are used for motorsport vehicles because ofthe following easy to assemble, mainly due to being parallel to itsaxis, hence does not produce the axial thrust.

Spurgears are also used in motorsport vehicles because of theirefficiency compared to the helical gears.

b)Synchronization in constant mesh gearbox is used to get a smooth gearshift feel, by reducing load at drivers hand and reducingsynchronization time inside the gearbox. The core purpose ofsynchronization is to zero the angular speed difference between thegear wheel and the rotating shaft.

Synchronizationis achieved through different types of synchronizers as shown below


Baulkring type



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