Atmosphere Weather Summative Assessment

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AtmosphereWeather Summative Assessment

Formation2011 Joplin Tornado

The2011 Joplin tornado occurred as a result of a super cell that from avery tall thunderstorm cloud known as the cumulonimbus. Severalconditions led to the formation of the tornado. After thethunderstorm in the cumulonimbus cloud, fast cold air was propelledto high attitudes across warm air. The air between the cold and warmair then began to swirl horizontally after which the ground pushesover the air and trips. The air creates some form of funnel ofswirling air which stretches and reaching the ground, it becomes atornado. This situation is as shown in the diagram below.

Thesupercell that led to the formation of the tornado was created by acombination of the images shown below:

The2011 catastrophic tornado led to the deaths of 158 people while afurther 1000 were injured.

Themap below shows some of the parts of the city that were affected bythe tornado.

Letterto the Mayor

Re:Evacuation of people from Joplin City

Iam writing this letter to the mayor concerning the consequences ofthe Formation2011 Joplin Tornado. The tornado had devastating effects to thepeople of Joplin. More than 10,000 people were injured while 158 losttheir lives. The tornado touched the ground almost half a mile fromsoutheast of JJHighway and West 32nd Street. The tornado developed from the endingtrail of a storm and was thus sudden implying that little cold bedone to save lives. I thus request that whenever such a situationarises, then people should be evacuated. The diagram below shows howthe tornado entered the city:

WarningSigns and cause of Action

Inmost cases, it is easy to detect a tornado. Some of the warning signsthat should not be ignored include strong winds accompanied by cloudbase rotation, whirl winds and unusual heavy rains. To avoid atornado risk one should stay low and if possible remain below theground. The best course of action is to remain alert in case thereare unusual weather conditions.

Evacuationsshould begin with the people near the tornado paths. Such peopleshould take indoor shelters mainly in basements or in interiorfirst-floor areas. One should not stay near a window but rathershould find shelter underneath. People should find alternative placesto shelter until the storm cools off entirely.

Anotherissue that I would suggest to the mayor is that he should conductcommunity or civic sensitization on the issues of changing weatherconditions. The Joplin tornado led to many injuries and deathsbecause people did not have an idea of what a tornado is and how theycan secure themselves in case of such a situation. The mayor’soffice should conduct initiatives to enlighten the people on suchissues so that the masses can be unlighted. This will ensure that incase such a situation occurs, the people will be cautious of itseffects.

Anotherissue that the Mayor’s office should check is that an emergencyshould be set aside to be used in such a situation. Many people areleft homeless as a result of tornados while food and otherrequirements are needed. Such a fund will be used in such a situationwhich will ensure that the emergencies are controlled.

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