Atlas Shrugged

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  1. What are the indications in the city streets and businesses of an economic collapse?

Whenthe characters are walking across the streets, one can view desolatestreets. For example, when Eddie Willers was walking across thestreet, he felt a sense of dead, which he could not even provide anexplanation. The newspapers are filled with stories that areominous. To hit the nail on the head, companies are shutting downtheir operations and the infrastructure is in a hot soup. Thissignifies that, the U.S economy is in a verge of collapsing. Whencompanies shut down their operations, it clearly indicates that manypeople will lose their jobs. In addition, the government will alsolose the revenue generated from those companies. As a result, thegovernment will not be in a position to support any infrastructureproject. Ultimately, this can result a country to be underreceivership, just like what the Greece is going through at themoment.

  1. List the different ways that people respond to financial crises?

Whenthe financial crises get worse, people start responding in distinctways. For example, when Dagny voyage back to the valley, hedistributes the profit based on the necessities rather thanproduction. This is a socialist idea, which indeed assists many bysharing to the less fortunate. The people of America start losingfaith with Galt. Due to starvation, the Americans starts to riots,breakdown of civil authority arise and kick off civil war inCalifornia.

  1. Why is it important for an economic system to reward creative work and risk taking of entrepreneurs, and not just expect them to continue performing for everyone`s benefit without benefit to themselves?

Itis worth noting that, entrepreneurs are very crucial in any giveneconomy. The economic triumph to any given country across the worldcomes as a result of rewarding as well as encouraging theentrepreneurs instinct. On other hand, the society normally prospersafter encouraging as well as rewarding the entrepreneurshipactivities. The private sector, where majority of entrepreneursinvest, normally creates more jobs compared to the government.Therefore, when entrepreneurs are motivated by creating a healthierinvestment environment, they will definitely expand their investment,thus creating more jobs as well as government source of revenue. Thiswill also assist to reduce unemployment level in any given nation andreduce crimes, which are as a result of unemployment. Whenentrepreneurs are discouraged, they will obviously look for greenerpastures where they can invest. For instance, there is noentrepreneur who can dare to invest in Greece due to the currentfinancial crisis that Greece is undergoing. On other hand, Greeceentrepreneurs are moving their investment to other countries, wherethey can gain returns. This signifies that, when there is a capitaloutflow, more people will lose jobs, and the government will alsolose its main source of revenue. This will definitely result to acountry’s collapse, which is well explained by the movie.

  1. In the &quot&quot story, the creative ano productive people simply disappear. This is a metaphor for what actually happens.

Theuse of metaphor is very significant in any story, as someone is ableto express his or her ideas, where there are no words. For examples

  1. In 2013, over 3,000 US Citizens working abroad gave up their citizenship status.

Theauthor in this sentence simply means the Americans were pessimistic,and they did not any value of residing in the U.S anymore.

  1. In 2013, the unemployment rate dropped from 8.9% from 7.9% but the number ofworkers actually working compared to who were not working ratio set an all-timerecord.

Thissignifies that, due to financial crisis, the economy could notsustain or create any more jobs.

  1. In 2013 the number of &quotFood Stamp&quot qualified families exceeded 45% of population. These statistics seem to be contradictions to each other. Explain what you think to be happening.

Thissimply means that, the number of people starving from food wentbeyond 45%.

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