Assignment 1.Repracement of Complicated Words to More Clear Words.

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Assignment1.Repracement of Complicated Words to More Clear Words.

1.Dr. Martin Smith of the Mayo clinic is certain and firm to get theprocedure approved.

2.This new information should make smooth the process of our resolvingthe disagreement with the service provider.

3.The mother who was hit by drunk truck driver will probably give wayto her injuries today.

4.It is very important we know there is evidence that she made it knownabout our plan.

Assignment2. Email.





Acceptmy regards for my recent promotion to the post of Quality ControlManager with subsequent increase of my salary. However, this post isdemanding hence my request for a substantial increment of my salarypackage. Several factors have led to request for the salaryincrement. First, the post demands some professional training which Ineed to learn and acquire. For this reason, there is the need for arefresher course in an academic institution. This process requiresfinances of which am willing to undertake. Secondly, the postrequires a lot of time and probably overtime services. In thiscontext, the increase will bring motivation towards the extraneoustusk ahead. Lastly, a good package will improve my personal life andmy family too.

Thankyou in advance as you consider my request.


Qualitycontrol manager,

Assignment3: Email

ToNaomi Neyen




Thankyou for considering our institution for your credit card needs. Amprivileged to bring it to attention that, your account annual feeshave been waived. This was implemented following your earlier requestyou made to our institution. The waiver is effected immediately fromall previous or subsequent transactions. Our credit card policieshave improved with more packages benefitting all account holders.This puts you in a good position to as well benefit by retaining youraccount with our institution. In our package, any account holdermaking transactions using our cards daily will get a bonus of $60every week. Secondly, our cards are acceptable in at most allsupermarkets and petrol station in the international market. Hence,no liquid cash when you need to buy goods. Lastly, as a reminder yourcredit card account has received annual dividends from company shareyou had purchased two years ago.

Acceptmy regard in advance as you continue enjoying our services.


CustomerCare Representative,

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