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TheArt is critical in our everyday life. The Art are both performing andvisual. The arts are always a reflection of our society rather thanwhat people seem to think are results of our community. This has beenone of the major extensive why history is part of us. Art has been acritical factor for us when one is trying to express how they feeland how they perceive the society as a whole. It is such importancethat has made art finds itself even in school (Chambers, 2011).

Theworld has many cultures and not every culture can be understoodeasily, and it is through art that has made it possible for everyoneto be able to describe their habits throughout life. Art can beclassified in different forms namely. Inspirational Art this ismostly found in workplaces or schools by encouraging people about theday to day challenges they encounter (Hollstrom, 2011).

Artshave misrepresented, and many artists have failed to be recognized inrecent future. The great artist like Picasso had to stand out fromthe rest for them to achieve their success. It is such challengesthat make it difficult for everyone to understand and appreciate art.Though this cannot be a one-time process, it requires patiencepersistence and also support from all stakeholders (Simmons, 2009).This has seen countries like Egypt attract many tourists to see artfrom a long time history. Factors such as this have shown that artcan also be a unifying factor and can bring harmony to people fromdifferent backgrounds and cultures. The challenges are many, but allit needs is persistence and support from also government to ensurethat art grows and is consistently protected.[ CITATION Jam11 l 1033 ]


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