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Thisessay will focus on the artwork by Edward Hooper which was producedin the year 1930 and its title is ‘Oil on Canvas’. This artworkcommunicates a single concept effectively of the life of a waiter. Inthis artwork, Edward Hooper effectively communicates the loneliness,isolation, life misery and lack of variety present in the life of awaiter who wakes up every day to go to work and take people’sorders (Heywood,2007). The life of the waiter lacks variety or new experiences andshe does not have time to talk to anyone or socialize with thecustomers. This painting, therefore, shows how lonely the life of thewaiter is despite the fact that this is not visible in the face ofthe waiter (Solomon,2010). The waiters normally present a jovial forefront, but thereality is that they are dark and gloomy inside, and they wouldrather be doing other things.

Thispainting is quite effective in showing the lonely life of waiters andthe painter, Edward Cooper uses different shades of light to displaythe different feelings and emotions. He uses dark colors to representsad and gloomy souls of the waiters and a fake light to show the fakesmiles they present on the outside (Hollingsworth&amp Hollingsworth, 2009). The painting also shows the wealthybusiness people in the background whom the waiters have to tend toand the light surrounding them shows the happiness that fills theirlife. This light greatly contrasts the dark and gloomy imagepresented on the waiters. The painter was quite effective indisplaying the different emotions in his painting, and he did notallow for the other things in the background such as food and tablesto distract a viewer from the point being put across(Weiner,2007). For these objects that do not mean a lot, he paints themtowards vanishing points such that they appear to be in thebackground.


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