Apple Supplier`s Code of Conduct

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AppleSupplier’s Code of Conduct

AppleSupplier’s Code of Conduct

Inthe wake of globalization in the business world, it has becomecrucial to work with different partners from all over the world.Apple organization has entered into contractual agreement withseveral partners who provides supply services of Apple products. Toensure that these suppliers are in line with Apple interest, Applehas implemented a code of conduct that govern the supplier’sactions. This has been necessitated by unethical practices that haveresulted due to competition and failure to adopt new technology. Toensure that our supplier adheres to highest environmentalresponsibility and social standards we have always improved, updatedor introduced new conditions to the code of conduct. This essay seeksto show some various changes that have been made in the Applesupplier’s code of conduct.

Tobegin with, some changes have been introduced to labor and humanrights code, that is, the code prevents it suppliers from usinginvoluntary labor and human trafficking. The suppliers should ensurethat it workers have freedom and that it does not withhold personalgovernment issued identification and travel documents of itsemployees. Workers should not feel obliged to work because thesupplier’s organization has withheld their documents.

Secondly,to ensure that employees work in ample working conditions Apple hasmandated that its suppliers adhere to specific occupational safety,health and hazard prevention standards. The code requires thatsuppliers ensure that employees work in a safe environment that doesnot expose the workers to risks, thus, enhancing the employeesworking environment. Workers should be provided with right protectivegear in their daily routine and proper guidelines how to use them.

Thirdly,as Apple is committed to protecting the nature it has improved itenvironment code of conduct. It has implemented clause in theenvironment code that guides its suppliers on how to the managementof hazardous substance and non-hazardous. The organization shouldpractice safe disposal methods to conserve the environment.

Fourth,the Apple organization should abide by human rights regulations ithas introduced a code in conduct in ethics that enables suppliers tobe responsible when sourcing for the mineral resource. It requiresthat its suppliers should not in any way source their mineral inareas where there is a possibility it will go against human rightssuch as benefiting a criminal organization. For example areas wherethere is a conflict, example Democratic-republican of Congo should beavoided by their suppliers.

Finally,to improve communication suppliers are supposed to maintain employeeand management training programs to enable good implementation of itspolicies and procedures. It is required of suppliers to have clearand definite communication processes and keep accurate information ofits performance, policies, and the expectation to its workers andcustomers. Also, suppliers have a process of obtaining feedback ofits practices related to code of conduct.

PartB Communicating to Suppliers

Iam happy to announce changes in the supplier’s code of conduct.There have had been new improvement and updates in the code. Thefollowing the code of conduct that have been updated and oursuppliers are advised to adhere to them.

1.Prevention of human Trafficking and Involuntary job

Suppliershall not be involved in illegal business of human trafficking andinvoluntary labor. It is a new requirement that supplier should notbe involved in any way in these actions, slavery, indentured, prisonor forced labor. The organization also demands that the suppliersshould not use abduction, fraud, coercion force or pay any person whocan exercise moral authority of the other for the purpose ofexploitation. Suppliers shall ensure that recruitment performed bythird parties is in line with the requirement of the law. Suppliersshall not in any way hold an employee’s documents and should ensurethat work contracts are well elaborated.

2.Health, safety and hazard prevention

Thesupplier has the responsibility to evaluate, identify, and managehazard and occupational health through a prioritized way ofeliminating the hazard, administrative controls, and engineeringcontrols. The supplier should provide its employees with appropriatejob-related protective gears and guidelines for proper use.

3.Training and Communication

Suppliersshould develop and maintain worker and management training program toenable appropriate implementation of its strategies and procedures tofulfill supplier’s objectives. The supplier should have a way ofclearly and accurately communicating its information about, policies,practices performance, and its expectation to its employees andcustomers.

4.Responsible sourcing of mineral resources

Suppliersshould exercise their responsibility by OECD Diligence Guidance inthe supply of mineral in an area where there are conflicts and highrisks. This is in respect to minerals like gold, tantalum, tin andtungsten. The suppliers should determine whether the mineralbenefited or financed armed groups that are wanted criminal of humanrights violation.

5.Hazardous Substance restriction and management

Thesupplier has to put in place systematic approaches that manageidentify reduce and responsibly recycle or dispose of hazardoussubstances. Apple has regulation on substance specification thatshould be followed by its suppliers for every product it makes andprovides to Apple. The non-hazardous substance should be properlydisposed or recycled systematically.

Itis our wish that our suppliers will comply with the new regulationsfor the enhancement of our environment and human rights.



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