Apologies to Mr. Stewart

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Apologies to Mr. Stewart

Apologies to Mr. Stewart


Iam writing this letter to apologize as the operational manager forGreen Wave Landscape. I am worried about the incidence that happenedin the yard. I apologize for the killing of more than $2,000 in prizefish which was done by the two new employees in our company. Iaccept our company made a mistake for sending new workers in youryard without a supervisor who would dictate what would be done.

SinceI am aware of what have happened Green Wave Landscape will make surethat the compensation of the fish will be done as quickly aspossible. I hereby write to you so that you can give use thedirections on how you want to be compensated. Green Wave Landscape onthe behalf of the directors has apologized for the same and they wantyou to clarify how you want your compensation (Starosta and Chen,2004). Green Wave Landscape has assured you that such misconduct willnever be repeated.

Dueto the increased number of the customers in the summer Green WaveLandscape had to hire six employees so that the customer needs weremet. The two employees who were sent into your yard were the newemployees and they were sent without my concern. The scathingcommentary that you have posted in our site is disturbing to theentire company and we wish you can remove it based on the fact thathuman being is to error. We wish you can send bank accounts where thecompany can deposit the money to your account. We did not have theintention to harm your fishpond but it happened accidentally. Thefield manager will come to assess the matter by the end of today.




Starosta, W. J., &amp Chen, G. (2004). Dialogue amongdiversities. Washington, DC: National Communication Association.

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