Ancient Greek Theatre

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AncientGreek Theatre

AncientGreek Theatre

MichaelScott has a point in stating that theatre influences all aspects ofhuman life. This is because theatre provides a platform on whichmembers of any given community express the values that they believeshould guide them and demonstrate all factors that define theiridentity. Scott’s argument that that theatre affects all aspects ofhuman life is confirmed by the fact that theatre in ancient Greecewas used as a tool to advance six major aspects (including drama,politics, language, philosophy, architecture, and art) that determinehuman life (Scott, 2015). In addition, Scott’s argument thattheatre serves as a human reaction to real events is confirmed byOedipus’ play that dominated the Greece theatre. The play was basedon a true story of the war between the Athenians and the Spartans.This was a real event that has been reminding the Greeks about theirpast events and lessons that they can learn from those events.

Thethird argument raised by Scotts by stating that the modern societycan understand itself by understanding the Greek theatre is confirmedby an example of the modern democracy that developed from the Greekversion of leadership. The ancient Greeks lived in bodies of citizenswho were represented by the people that they themselves elected,which formed the basis of the modern democracy. This politicalideology was advanced and preserved in the theatre where political,economic, and social issues were staged (Scott, 2015). Therefore, themodern society can only understand the modern democratic style ofleadership by learning how the Greeks theatre contributed towards thedevelopment as well as the preservation of the concept of democracy.

Themost interesting element of the film is the discussion of the Greektheater as the most critical invention that facilitated the survivalof democracy. Scotts explains that was not only a platform forentertainment, but a place where dramas that spoke directly to thechallenges affecting people could be staged. This is a call for themodern society to value theatre as a more important tool, rather thana mere platform for entertaining the audience.

The“Democracy” is a play that enlightened me about the significanceof the theatre and how it relates to my personal life. The play waswritten by Michael Frayn and staged for the first time in September9, 2003 in the Royal National Theatre (Frayn, 2003). A keen study ofthe play teaches that the boundary between a staged play and the reallife of an individual is very thin because plays give the authenticexperiences of the daily lives of individual audience or the entiresociety.

Inconclusion, the theatre provides a significant platform that can helpthe society to preserve its core values and practices. In addition,the plays staged in the theatre are reflections of the actualexperiences of the members of the society forming the audience.


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