American Religious Traditions

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AmericanReligious Traditions

Religion fallsunder the category of anthropology, which is primarily concerned withthe study of people. To the study of religion, an anthropologicalapproach is distinguished from a religious, confessional, or atheological approach. Religion category presents organized culturalsystems, collection of beliefs, and global views, which relate to aparticular order of existence. From an anthropological approach,religion relates to different social institutions, while there arecomparisons in existence between the practices and beliefs acrosscultures.

There is a greatdistinction between religious studies and theology. The distinctionis based on the scope of a distinct subject matter that the twofields focus on. Religious studies for instance, deals with variedreligious beliefs, behaviors, and institutions affiliated with thereligiosity. Additionally, it also encompasses a lot of cultures thatenable it have a wide cross-cultural religious view. By contrast,theology differs from religious studies because it focuses on God orthe deity. Theology tends to pay more attention to the Protestantsand the Roman Catholics as opposed to a wider view of the worldreligions.

The distinctionbetween religious studies and theology is significant in America’sstudy of religion in the sense that majority of the American peoplepractice religion and believe in God. From the Pledge of Allegiance,the significance is drawn from the fact that religious studies formideals to the religious teachings for the American nation as a whole.The category of religious intolerance in America boils down to theattitudes and actions of organizations or individuals going againstother people over differences in practices or religious beliefs.America has struggled to contain it since the colonial days withMuslims and Christians alike becoming the victims of the intolerance.

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