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Various websites try to use various approaches to definingsituational ethics. Some use life examples while others use visualexpressions. is one of the websites thataddresses situational ethics in a comprehensive way by using varioussituational examples of its application. The website is religiousbased, and the developers had the idea of pursuing the highestcalling of humanity. It brings together people who have followed manypaths in search for truth, and they share life experiences while atthe same time addressing common issues in the contemporary society() It is also non-threatening and informativeand poses questions that trigger people’s thinking about creation,humanity, history and truth. From the website one can view thescientific explanations of the major happenings in the world and theclaims that people regard to be true. It also explores popularbeliefs in the world as well as the challenges that people face inapplying philosophical thoughts to the issues surrounding them.

The website approaches the issue of situational ethics from thedefinition of Joseph Fletcher, the founder of modern situationalethics. As a website with a Christianity background, it is notablehow quick the website points out the religious background ofFletcher, who was an Episcopal priest. As the website puts it andhaving borrowed from the idea of Fletcher, situational ethics involvemaking decisions as dictated by the context rather than upon a fixedlaw (). It also goes further to provide acontradiction of situational ethics by basing its premise on thebiblical teachings. According to the website situational ethicsshould not go against God’s law in any circumstances(). An important feature of the website is thatit accommodates people from different backgrounds by presenting theinformation in various languages.


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