Affordable Care Act

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AffordableCare Act

The implementation occurred in 2010. The legislationcalled for reforms in the health sector. While the legislationencountered stiff opposition, it was instrumental in enabling toquality health care services to all citizens. The consumers are setto benefit massively from the legislation (DiNitto, 2011). Some ofthe features of the Act include guaranteed issue, minimum standardsfor health insurance policies, federal subsidies, and healthinsurance exchanges, among others. The Act provided for remedies thatwould ensure that the low-income earners benefit from the governmentsubsidies fully.

Nonetheless,the social program does not cover the illegal immigrants, as thecountry’s laws do not recognize. The middle-class and wealthyindividuals do not get subsidies as they can afford to pay for theservices. The government should consider revising the laws to allowthe middle-class benefit from the program. The move should allow andencourage the wealthy and middle-class to pay for the services inexchange for incentives and exemptions from certain a cadre oftaxation. Revamping the industry has enabled the consumers to benefitfrom affordable services. The Act gave the American citizens thesolidity to make good choices about their health. The health welfareof the citizens, especially the poor and the marginalized is animportant goal for any government. Quality and affordable medicalservices are available to all citizens, irrespective of their socialstatus and ability to pay. Nurses and other professionals in thehealthcare industry have an obligation to adhere to the guidelinesspelt out in the legislations (Westrick &amp Dempski, 2009). Whereasthe gave the American citizens the solidity tomake right choices about their health, the interests of thestakeholders were largely disregarded. The implementation of thelegislation should have been incremental by testing it before theultimate overhaul of the industry as was proposed by the Obamaadministration (Nickitas, Middaugh, &amp Aries, 2011).


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