Additive manufacturing

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Additivemanufacturing is the process of building up a component from data ofdigital 3D design. These components that are used are typically puttogether in layers where materials are carefully deposited (Gebhardt,2012). It is however important to note the increasing use of the term3D printing as a synonym for this type of additive manufacturing. 3Dprinting is a more accurate method of production as it incorporates amore professional production procedure. In this regard it is clearlynotable from the more common conventional methods of materialremoval. involves the careful building up ofcomponents in the form of layers (Greenberg, 2010). In additionadditive manufacturing incorporates the use of available materialsthat are normally in powder form. In this regard, such materials mayrange from different plastics, metals and any composite materials.

Additivemanufacturing technology is increasingly applied with regards torapid prototyping. Rapid prototyping is the process of constructionsof functional and well-known prototypes. Moreover series productionincorporates the use of additive manufacturing as the new form oftechnology (Gebhardt, 2012). The main advantage of this new form oftechnology is that it leaves varied forms with opportunities tocreate a distinguishing profile from the original equipmentmanufacturers in regard to the customer’s benefits. Thisdistinguishing profile is endowed with cost saving potential and thehigh probabilities of meeting sustainable goals (Gebhardt, 2012).

Itis however important to note that the use of layering material aswell as the use of 3D modeling software machine equipment and the useof computers. Usually once the Computer Aided Design sketch iscreated, the additive manufacturing equipment gets all the data fromthe Computer Aided Design file and adds or lays down succeedinglayers of powder, liquid, sheets of materials that are set up inlayers with the intention of fabricating a 3D object (Greenberg,2010).


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