Action Plan to Reverse Unsatisfactory Academic Performance in Msu University

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ActionPlan to Reverse Unsatisfactory Academic Performance in Msu University


ActionPlan to Reverse Unsatisfactory Academic Performance in Msu University

Comingto the United States and joining one of the renowned universitiesremained one of my childhood dreams from my school time in china. Mydream came true when I relocated to the US and joined the MSUuniversity to pursue my ever interested major (Finance). However,despite the realization of my dream, the academic performance wasn’tup to the desired level as it hasn’t been satisfactory as itshould. Different factors are behind the unsatisfactory performancein my time at the university.

PartIReasonsWhy My Academic Performance Hasn’t Been Satisfactory

Oneof the major factors that negatively affected my academic performanceis the change of culture. The move from China was one of my mostimpactions change in my life, and being away from home, in adifferent culture, and different education system took me time tosettle in, hence one of the highlights of my tie in America for mystudies. However, after settling in the United States, myperformance has improved with the recent overall improvement ingrades in some subjects such as the 3.5 in HB 100, and 3.0 in ISP209, which has been the first time since I joined the university.

Inaddition to cultural change, another factor behind my poorperformance is the fact that, at some point I enrolled in too manycredits hence the work becoming overwhelming for me. This reduced mychances of performing well in the credits failing to even averageabove 2.5 grades. In addition, the mode of attending classes was alsoa hampering case for me. For example, the reason I never managed asingle point in the CSE 101 is due to the fact that, the class wasoffered through the online platform. This was a new thing to me andin turn, inability to use the system effectively contributed to thepoor performance. Despite the unsatisfactory performance, I havemanaged to maintain a good performance in some classes such as HB100. This has in turn given me hope and indication that I can performbetter in my finance major.

PartIIAction/Strategyto Address My Past Academic Performance at the University

Sincethe release of the last exam, I have embarked on a mission to reversethe poor academic performance. Different actions have been lined tohelp in addressing the issue. One of the major factors that have ledto poor performance is missing classes, failure to take notes inclass as well as the inability to finish my homework. My firstpriority is to reverse these trends as I promise to always attendclasses, take notes and work on my homework on time. In addition, dueto the change in the education system, I have planned to seekadvisory help every time to help in settling in well. Finally, I willalso keep in contact with my professors and TA, especially every timeI have a problem with class work or in any class. Not only will theactions help me improve academically, but also help in settling andadapting to the American culture.

PartIIIActionPlan In Case Reinstatement Is Denied During My Recess Time

Incase my request for reinstatement is denied, I would relocate back toChina, and seek for an internship, looking forward to a second chanceto pursue my finance major. However, it is my believe that theuniversity will offer a second chance to proof my ability and desireto excel in finance.

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