Academic Performance

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As an international student, I had had to cope with masterly of theEnglish language that posed to be difficult. During my first semesterand indeed the first year to the U.S., I faced challenges coppingwith the cultural shock. In our home country, culture dictates thatwe follow the choices of the parents when it comes to carrier choiceregardless of ones interests and talents. I have taken longer toadjust and develop an interest in Biology and Business which wereneither my initial interests nor choices. The process of gettingadapted to the new life and making new friends has been a delicatebalancing daily struggle as I shift my interests from communicationpreference to totally new majors. There are a few students in ourclass who understand my culture and by extension share the uniquenessof the values held by our customs, a situation that made me feellonely. All the issues motioned here worked to derail my focus on myacademic performance.

I have resolved to triumph the challenges and overturn the poor stateof my academic performance towards above average and beyond throughtimely and consistent class attendance. Since I have made a fewfriends, in our class I expect to participate by engaging my friendsboth at the university and outside in an attempt to improve mylanguage mastery. I have vowed to be inquisitive during the lecturesby using relevant question on issues that are not clear to me. I willbe completing the assignments before set deadlines and request extrahomework to allow me to catch up with other students in my class. Ihave purposed to share my predicaments with the advisor on weeklybasis to get assistance in solving personal problems while studying.

I am ready to improve the level of my English back in China shouldthere be a reason to deny me a second chance. I plan to enlist theservices of the personal English tutor in order to realize my goal ofcompleting my degree in an American University. The other plan is tocontinue with online learning of English as second language. However,I am expecting that my request for reinstatement will be approved.

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