A Very Brief History of Western Art

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AVery Brief History of Western Art

Westernart is among the most studied historical aspect of the society. Thisarticle looks at the history of art, particularly painting and thedifferent factors that affected art or motivated artists. Accordingto the author, the western art emerged in Italy about six centuriesago. The article identified several aspects of Italian art such thelimited materials and medium and the role of the church in thedevelopment of western art. Majority of the arts were commissioned bythe church and were based in biblical stories. However, rich familiessuch Medici family in Florence could afford to pay artists and paintportraits in their likeness. The author also looks at how theinvention of photographs art French scientists in the early 19thcentury influenced painting. In my view, although the writer does notaddress all the factors that influenced the modern art or addressdiverse types of arts, he makes a valid argument about the emergenceof painting art in Western Europe.


Abstractionis a form of art that emerged in the emerged in the early 20thcentury. It presents one of the most interesting aspects of arthistory due to controversies and felling it has been associated with.According to Danto, the history of art has been characterized byprogressively and systematically eliminating the illusionisttraditions, modern art was created. Modern art was created byeliminating the influence of culture as well as religions andpolitical narratives that characterized the traditional arts andcreation of an art that has universal value. Socialist realism in theearly 20thcentury was aimed at erasing modernism in painting. This led to thestigmatization and criminalization of abstract art. Despite this,people can look at abstraction art the museums without awakening orshaking personal feeling or political affiliations. This was not thecase some decades ago. There is no doubt that modern art haveeliminated the cultural, religious and political aspects thusbecoming universal, but they remain an important channels ofcommunicating cultural, religious and political messages.

GettingIn: The social logic of Ivy League admissions

Canadianuniversities have different admission criteria when compared toAmerican universities. In the narrative by Gladwell, it is evidentthat American universities have more extensive admission process,mainly due to the prestige associated with studying at someuniversities, for example Harvard. The author begins by outlining theprocess of his admission to what he considers the best university inCanada before sharing his experience on how Americans value whichuniversity they attended. The value held by Americans on theircollege experience has an influence in the admission proceduresadopted by major universities in the United States. The admissionprocesses has over other years, including various academic and nonacademic qualities in their admission criteria. For example, sport isan important aspect of college life and thus American universityconsider sport during admission. Thus, students try to makesthemselves more attractive to the colleges, where the universityattempts to look for the student rather than the student looking fora university.


Inmy view, photography is one of the most influential forms of modernart. However, its influence on modern era artists did not strike mymind until I read this article. The article argues that art in theancient societies had some moral authority the same can be said ofphotographs in the modern era. This is because photography ispowerful, trustworthy and honorable. This article looks at howphotography has been used by artists to create new and revolutionaryart. For many years, painters used photography has their inspiration,with mixed success. For example, some painting was disguising andmeaningless. However, Warhol has exploited this to create anadmirable works of art. He exploited the characteristics ofphotography such as ambiguity and the fact that a camera is limitlessand does not organize things. Thus, he was to success where manyartists in the modern era have failed creating portraits of ElizabethTaylor, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy and Elvis Presley amongothers.

TheScience of Shopping

Inthe modern business environment, business organizations are usingvarious marketing strategies to increase sales. In this article,Gladwell analyses shopping behaviors and proposes some shop designsthat can be used by retailers to target particular clients. I have afeeling that the article has had some influence on retail storedesigns in the modern world. He argues that understanding thebehavior of shoppers is essential in ensuring that the retailerachieves this objective. The layout of the store is thereforeimportant. For example, due to the tradition of driving in the right,people tend to walk on the right side of the walkways. Therefore, thelayout should exploit this behavior by putting information and cartsin the right side of walkways. Understanding men and women behaviorsis also essential. One example given by Gladwell is that men are moredirect and do not wonder in the shop, like women do. Therefore,commodities targeting men should be at the same, probably near theentrance. While men do not have interest in women clothes, women do.The layout should therefore place men clothes near the entrance andwomen clothes at the back.

TheSecret to Smart Groups: It`s Women

Formany years, women have discriminated and harassed in workplaces.However, in the modern world that is depended on teamwork and workinggroups the role of women in the workplaces has become critical. Inthe near future, the gender landscape of the workplaces is likely tochange in favor of women. According to Thompson, just like someindividual are smarter that others, a group can be smarter thananother group. This is what is called the collective intelligentfactor or the ā€˜cā€™ factor. Average social sensitivity is thesingle most important factor that influences group smartness. Thus,groups with more women are smarter. This is because women are betterin social sensitivity due to better mind reading skills andabilities. The smartness of a team is however relative depending onthe task they are required to complete. Due to the role of theinternet in diminishing emotional sensitivity and the increased roleof women in groups, the gender based wage gap is likely to change infavor of women in the near future.


AVery Brief History of Western Art, The Start of it All

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