A New Edition of Ernest Hemingway`s In Our Time

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ANew Edition of Ernest Hemingway’sIn Our Time

ANew Edition of Ernest Hemingway’sIn Our Time

ErnestHemingway did a commendable job in the input that he made towards thecollections of In Our Time. The simple fact that the collection hasstood to remain quite relevant in the field of literature sheds alight on the prowess that he accorded towards the work (Hemingway,1996). As a result, I do suggest that as a press for the university,we seek to create a new edition of the book that will include some ofthe contemporary issues that may be non-existent during Hemingway’stime. This form of modernization of the book will speak to thecurrent generation in a language that they can identify with, and,thereby, increase their chances of appreciating literature. It willalso blend the old and modern literature in a fashion that is boththrilling and quite informative. Hemingway is still a voice to reckonwith, even in the twenty-first century. This is especial to young andaspiring writers and students of literature because his vignettesbuild a strong foundation for one being able to understand literatureand develop a story-telling mind. For instance, in an excerpt fromthe book, he stylishly blends words to come up with a sophisticatednarration by saying, ‘And I want to eat at a table with my silverand I want candles. And I want it to be spring, and I want to brushmy hair.’ The kind of artistic stance that is evidenced byHemingway provides a classical representation of the influence thatliterature can have on emotions (Lecture notes). This kind ofexpressions and freedom of showing what is on the mind needs to berelived in the current generations. Through creating a new edition ofHemingway’s collection, we help to safeguard the works for futuregenerations.


Duringthe formation of the new edition of the book in our time, it isimportant to include some material so as to make it more worthwhileand relevant in the current generation other than the short stories.One of them is the critical review of the collection when it firstcame out as done by the New York Times in 1925 (Nytimes.com, 2015). The review explains that Hemingway shows a pleasing, lean and toughresilience when it comes to the use of words in the collection. Heuses an athletic and fibrous language to further some of the ideasthat he is pushing forward. The article also goes on to indicate thatHemingway shows an ingenious capability to describe the character ofan individual by use of only a sentence or two. Another item thatcould be included in the new edition is a modernist book by JamesJoyce known as Ulysses in which part the book that talks about theconsciousness of the mind and brings a new concept of the ‘streamsof consciousness”(Online-literature.com, 2015). An excerpt ofanother modernist known as T. S Eliot in his poem, The Waste Land, inwhich he indicates that nature and knowledge are quite fluid in thatthey do not bear the ability to be consistent for a long time. Inanother review of the book done by GoodReads website in 2003, itexplains that no other writer has efficiently been overshadowed byhis imitators than Ernest Hemingway (Time &amp Hemingway, 2015).This shows that Hemmingway had a huge impact on other personsinvolved in literature


ErnestHemingway’s Its our time cover page:

Thiscover page will make people identify with an easier version of thebook and, therefore, they will be more willing to buy the book,especially since it is a new edition and contains some items thatolder editions lack.


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