A Media Presentation of Windfall Budget Proposal

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AMedia Presentation of Windfall Budget Proposal


Amedia presentation of Windfall Budget Proposal

Theuse of mobile phone in today’s world has transitioned learning.Tablets, having become an important part of our lives, have in anamazingly way been incorporated into learning programs for schoolkids. This application of modern technology in tutor classes forchildren has both positive and negative impacts. At Windfall, wethink that the introduction of smart phone learning, the designing ofapplications and softwares that guide and help in children studieswill be a major leap towards ensuring a higher level of concentrationin kids and the ability to reason creatively and critically. Thisessay will discuss the allocation of Windfall funds.

Mymain reason for choosing tablets as tools of application for digitaltechnology at Windfall is their ease of use if limited to specificfeatures that would be user-friendly for the kids. In relation to thebudget allocation for Windfall, this would be the most feasibleoption in place as it is cost efficient. Tablets, compared toKindles, mini computers and gaming console are cheaper, affordableand more efficient as they can fit in a wide range of learningapplication softwares (Osmon, 2011). In terms of ethical behaviorconcerning the fact that the internet has both ethical andnon-ethical applications, a software that blocks non-educationrelated software will be used. They will also serve as socialconnectors in case a networking platform for the kids is set up.Their size and ease of use serve as motivation for the kids to love

Theuse of tablets has evoked a hot debate on their usability andefficiency in keeping children distance from online morallyunacceptable content. The internet contains a large base of websitesand portals most of which, we have no idea about. The ability of atablet to stay free of ‘dirty’ content has been questioned asthere are several kids with the ultimate ability to bypass firewallsand access blocked materials. From Windfall’s point of reference,the teachers have been trained in such a way to instill discipline inkids in such a way to avoid any rise of unethical trends in theschool concerning tablet use. The trends in the education industryshow that in the recent past, technology, through various means, hasbeen adopted by schools to aid in the learning and teachingprocesses, giving all students a feeling of equality.

Thefrequency of socially, morally and ethically unacceptable behaviourhas been noted to increase with the increase in digital learningdevices in schools. This ranges from the moral issues of childrenaccessing adult content on their phones. This shows a rot in themorality of children in the presence of teachers. From theperspective of bully kids, a bully may harass and snatch anotherkid’s tablet. Greed, jealousy and unruly behaviours have been onthe rise in schools following the adoption of new technology inschools Clarke, Svanaes et al., 2013). Teachers will be advised onforwarding such students to the principal for expelling.

Reductionof the use of manual study means has drastically reduced, and thishas envisioned a gradual decrease in the performance of students,grade wise. There has been a problem in how students learning methodshave changed. Physical writing and taking notes during class sessionshave now been reduced to reading from tablets. The traditional methodof learning is known to be the most effective method applied becauseit involves all the senses required for long-term periods of time.The process is clearly set out through hearing the tutor lecture,perceiving and interpreting the message, coordination of the brainand the responsible nerves to write, the manual act of writing, whichcan also be referred to as touch and finally the ultimate view of thewritten materials.

Theintroduction of technology has been linked to the rise of a newculture that believes in “silent talking.” According to Huber(2012), it is the development of a culture of virtual socialexistence and interactions. The concerned parties, users oftechnological devices have been alienated from both each other andtheir practical social life. Due to the online discussion forums,social networks and affiliated interactive websites, there is fearamong the parents that kids will lose their social lives (Brustein,2013). The curriculum system at Windfall has been formulated in sucha way that, children, will and have to be interactive. The schoolmade this possible by ensuring sessions where students are involvedin direct discussions guided by teachers.

Appropriatesafety measure of application of the tablet technology will beconsidered. Following the risks of overexposure to small amounts ofradiations emitted by these devices, there will be a stipulatedmaximum time limit to which the student is slowed to operate them.Logically considering the application of the idea to buying tablets,a critical evaluation of their safety in consideration to the enduser’s health was done. The allocation of funds for the purchasewas aimed at obtaining the most efficient and safe devices for thekids.

Thetutors will be trained on the use of interactive technologies tospread the learning possibilities nationally and internationally,through online sessions. This will help in increasing the ability ofthe teacher to increase his or her connection with individualstudents and be able to monitor their progress closely academically.

Installationof strong and highly effective firewalls will be executed by thehiring of trained internet security agents who possess a high degreeof integrity and efficiency in their work. The sole purpose of thisfirewall will be to create a blockage of any morally harmful website,virus or malware to the students’ tablets or information contained.

Ichose to present this media release to a wide array of audiences whothrough sheer force and determination have made this possible. Theparents of the children at Windfall, the tutors and our esteemedsociety of whose cooperation we have received to the maximumattainable limits are welcome to be our audience at this long awaitedrelease. When writing this paper, my audience was a congregation ofteachers and students, including a few media houses that have beenfollowing up this process since its inception.

Inconclusion, the introduction of tablets use to Windfall will presentthe students a golden opportunity to learn from a digital platform ata tender age. The use of tablets in their classes and online studysessions will serve to technologically and digitally enlighten them.According to (Goodwin, 2012), introducing e-learning at such a tenderage, increases perfection of the use of student learning portals,hence has a better learning advantage to their growing up. The moveby Windfall to introduce the use of technological devices andapplication of digital learning is a move that cannot beunderestimated as it bridges the gap between online and traditionallearning methods.


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