3 hours from 3 different states in USA Question 1

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3hours from 3 different states in USA


Beinga home owner is one of the basic financial stability that anyone canever have. Nevertheless, the process of buying a home can just be astiring and exhausting as it is important and necessary. There arequite a number of factors that one has to put into considerationbefore embarking on the journey of buying a home. Being aninternational student in the US from China, my biggest dream hasalways been to purchase a house or home in one of the states of theUS.

Afterlooking at many considerations, I decided that I wanted to own a homeeither in Ohio(OH), Kentucky (KY) or North Carolina (NC).I vigorously checked quite a number of real estate websites just tosee if I could find a home that suits my preferences. I have searcheda home in the above mentioned three communities. Further, I havecarried out a visibility study on the homes that I am interested in.This has been my ‘Visual tour’ of the properties. The feasibilityof me owning a home in North Carolina (NC) seems to be carrying theday.

Thefirst house at Ohio (OH), OhioBurton44021 VL Mumford Rd

Secondhouse at Kentucky (KY), Campton41301 KY 2027

Mychoice house at North Carolina (NC), 2304 Rolesville Road, Wakeforest NC 27587 in North Carolina (NC).

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