2 Movies and Asia-Pacific War

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2Movies and Asia-Pacific War

2Movies and Asia-Pacific War

Thefilms The 400 Million and the devil on the doorstep describe theAsia-Pacific war differently. On one side, the film The 400 Millionpresents Chinese engagement in armed conflict in 1938 as the countryresists the Japanese invasion. The film shows the Japanese invasionthat starts with the bombing of China in the North East (The400 Million,1939).This shows an act that China expresses as an aggression that was notprovoked. The stranger refers himself as “me“ in a way to createanonymity (The400 Million,1939).On the other hand, the film, devilon the doorstepshows the invasion of the Japanese army in a rural place, where theytake people hostage (Devilson the Doorstep 2000).The method of aggression is shown differently, but represent theimpact of the war on china.

Thetwo films, however, present china as the victim of armed conflictsinvolving the country. The film The 400 Million shows Japan as theaggressor and china as the victim that is defending the invasion. Thefilm devil on the doorstep presents the ideology that the Chineseliterature represents. It shows how the literature shows that Chinais the passive victim of war. This is because the plot and the eventsof the film present the Chinese as the victims who tend to blame theaggressor. This is even seen in the title that suggests the devil ison the doorstep.

Whilethe two films take on the Japanese invasion from differentperspectives and plots, they all agree with the presentation of chinaas the aggressor. In both plots, china is presented as the innocentvictim that is attacked by Japan. This is particularly important whenevaluating how the films present the conflict. While the plotsrepresent a real military conflict objectively, the indication ofchina as the victim shows the inclination of the films.


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