12 rules of living

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  1. rules of living

Majorityif not all human beings in the world desires to live a happy,successful life which is worth adoration from themselves and theirpeers. To achieve this end, a number of widely accepted rules or lawshave been formulated. To begin with Self-examination and constantengagement while setting higher targets to achieve is invaluable inlife. Living life is essentially examining your life by use of reasonwhich is termed as the greatest gift to humanity. Worry should onlybe bound to things that are within the control of an individual andcan be influenced by their actions. This significantly reduces theimpact of hardships in life by cultivating distinctive attitudestowards problems in life and preventing self-torment.

Truefriendship should always be treasured. It takes time and energy tonurture friendships based on trust and amity. It should never betaken for granted considering these are the people who form stronganchors during tough times. In doing this, avoid transient, shallowpleasure and aim to experience true pleasure. Seek environments andexperiences that offer peace of mind because true pleasure isrestrained and disciplined. This takes mastering oneself that isessential to resisting external forces that limit faith and thoughtwhich can most likely lead a person into deceiving themselves. Totalliberty necessitates a battle to subdue negative spiritual andpsychological forces. Life should be lived in balance and harmony.People should avoid excessiveness in everything they engage inwhether they deem it good or bad. Lack of moderation can be a causefor suffering and misery.

Peopleshould take charge of the actions and accepts responsibility fortheir eventual outcomes whether they deem them good or bad. Theyshould not blame others for their shortcomings but be true tothemselves and take decisive action. They also shouldn’t allowthemselves to be absorbed by money and prosperity. These are anecessity but not sufficient to guarantee a good life, wisdom,happiness or cure a corrupt past. Prosperity requires wisdom inacquiring, managing and using it in a proper manner. To reduce theharm caused by human beings, people must treat other people as theywould like them to treat them. One shouldn’t do evil orintentionally harm other people regardless of whether they arefriends or foes. Kindness towards other human beings will always berewarded. Treating people well and helping them have a good life notonly gives a sense of satisfaction but also sensitizes them to dogood to others hence a better world.

Holdingonto a strong belief is another important rule. This belief shouldalso be backed by a strong argument in favor of it to prevent onefrom being swayed through different belief systems which may notfavor him/ her. The final rule of living is being true to oneself. Aperson should never change who they really are just to make otherpeople happy while they struggle to put up an act. Trust and respectbegins from within a person.

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